Rena Cohen-First VP Sales, Cepham Inc

As a 26-year ingredient sales veteran and female empowerment blogger, I am so excited to bring to you a blog series via Women In Nutraceuticals (WIN) that celebrates the incredible work of the fierce industry goddesses leading the charge for gender parity.

It took me years of fighting my way up through the sales ranks to ‘self publish’ a book about women in sales in 2015: The Authentic Sale: A Goddess’s Guide to Business. Written in metaphorical goddess vernacular, it assures saleswomen of all experience that, “in the Olympic battles of business, every woman is a goddess.”

I then went on to blog with intent to promote the book, and, after attaining blogger status on Huffington Post and a few other female empowerment sites, I relished in the excitement of social media, delving as deeply into my cause as I could — namely, driving more women into sales.

As a blogger, I stumbled into all kinds of data and information that truly made me appreciate the limitations and complexity involved with affecting change. Did you know only 2% of venture capital goes to women? Or that McKinsey reported in 2022 that women make up only 28% of the C-suite in US business. Then I subsequently took a break from being a writer until I was urgently roused from my creative slumber by WIN’s mission.

Mind the gap…

I first learned about WIN in the Spring of 2022, when I was visiting my friend Heather Granato in the UK. Tears filled my eyes as Heather spoke of WIN’s dedication to achieving gender parity in our industry. I begged her to let me write on WIN’s behalf.

In a progressive industry renowned for its commitment to health, sustainability, and innovation, I had prayed we would be one of the first to follow the gender inclusivity mandates that were championed in California and Washington.

My prayers were answered when I understood that WIN was laser focused on moving the needle. In the span of one year, WIN has published a new benchmarking study, broadcasted four webinars, launched a mentorship pilot program, and is feverishly working on several cutting edge projects.

Throughout this ongoing series, I’m wildly excited to dive deep into some of the trailblazing initiatives and insights of remarkable women who have made an impact … from saleswomen to scientists, marketers and pioneers, we’ll explore their journeys and the challenges they’ve overcome.

How can you get involved?

We want to hear from you and those who have their own stories, insights, and expertise to share. The best way to understand the complex landscape of women in the workplace is by fostering a dialogue that includes diverse voices and perspectives of both women and men.

Please share what you most want us to blog about! Is there a particular aspect of women’s experiences in the workplace that you believe needs more attention? Let us know, and we’ll consider it for a future blog post.

Click HERE to participate and answer the following survey questions:

1. What is the most important topic we should explore in this blog?

2. Is there someone you can recommend we contact to interview?

3. Would you like to be interviewed?

We look forward to embarking on this journey with you and hearing your stories and insights. Let’s #WINtogether.

Rena Cohen-First

VP Sales, Cepham Inc. Tel: 760-798-6735

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