WIN's Marketing & Communications Committee
Our vision at WIN is to achieve economic and societal equity to change the global nutraceutical industry. And it is up to the Marketing & Communications Committee to make this vision come to life.

Say hello to WIN’s Marketing & Communications Committee (Marcom) dedicated to super-charging WIN’s mission and goals with promotional support and assets supporting the vibrant array of WIN events and initiatives.

“Our goal is to increase public awareness and engagement, leading to tangible advancements in gender parity efforts across various areas,” said Sarah Sullivan, co-chair of Marcom with over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications. “We want to inspire the next generation of leaders to expect more from their professional life.  Additionally, we want to influence policy changes that promote gender parity on a broader scale,” she added.

Media Icons at WIN!

WIN’s message is delivered in a variety of media outlets in large-part due to the expertise of the committee’s two industry media icons, Suzanne Shelton and Rebecca Wright. 

I became part of the Marcom committee as WIN was launching because my experience providing PR services in this industry for nearly 35 years would bring useful relationships and skills to further WIN’s mission,” said Suzanne strategic communications and managing partner at The Shelton Group PR. “It quickly became clear that there was so much to do that we needed more people, a lot more people. Fortunately, WIN’s Marcom committee has attracted some of the best in the industry, and it’s a pleasure to work with them all,” she said.

According to Rebecca, founder of Wright On Marketing & Communications, “I joined the Marcom committee because I felt like I could help WIN gain the exposure it deserves. Being at the epicenter of creating great content that helps make the WIN brand more sticky is so much fun. And on top of it all, I am surrounded by several creative, thoughtful people all around, so it makes my position very fulfilling”.

Members of the Marcom committee understand the power of marketing and communications. “I’m a communications gal,” said Sonja Thompson, Community Content Manager at Informa Markets. “Honestly – and this is something I truly believe – communication is the key to every relationship. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship it is: employee/boss, parent/child, teacher/student, lovers, friends… our words can make or break, hurt or heal. I feel honored to be able to use the power of my words to help make a difference for women around the world in the nutraceutical industry”.

WIN has a global reach and embraces diversity worldwide therefore, a common thread amongst the WIN initiatives which Marcom promotes, is embracing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). “In order to take the next step, the whole team has to agree to the new DEI initiatives,” said Kevin Hawke, partner at Know Agency and Marcom co-chair. “Lean on your team, especially those that represent the new team vision, to help you expand a team’s diversity. Diverse voices can help increase diversity within your organization,” he added.

Ultimately, with such an active organization with a multitude of programs, initiatives, and events, it takes a dedicated team to handle the load. “Don’t try to lead the project on your own,” said Kevin.

WIN with a Clear Path Forward

This groundswell of support springs forth from WIN’s foundation which includes legends and respected icons in the nutraceuticals industry.

“I joined WIN because I was moved and motivated by its vision and mission. I have also looked up to the people who founded WIN for many years and have the deepest respect for all of them. It just felt right to be part of an organization that helps amplify women’s voices and issues in the nutraceuticals business. I believe WIN will create real change,” said Rebecca.

“I joined WIN because Heather Granato told me to, and Heather is always right,” said Suzanne adding that, “I’m only partly kidding. As a woman in the world and in business I’ve seen demonstrated, over and over again, how women are discounted and marginalized. Often these are some of the smartest, best-connected people, so it’s incredibly short sighted. I’ve also noticed that often there are no purposeful career development opportunities for women. I don’t think the under-utilization of such good resources is intentional, but more born of inertia and thoughtlessness. I thought WIN could open some eyes and effect change. And it is.”

Never resting on laurels is one way WIN has come so far in such a relatively short time. “We have tremendous momentum after an amazingly successful Year 1 of WIN and hope to build upon that to reach, for instance, a younger generation of professionals who can help facilitate gender parity and equity for years to come. We are also looking to expand our voice beyond the US where, currently, the majority of our membership exists,” said Sarah.

At its foundation, WIN is comprised of a cadre of members, sponsors and partners supporting this movement forward.

Inspired at WIN

“I’m constantly inspired by the passionate women and men who are volunteering their time and treasure to the cause of empowering women to unlock their personal and professional potential,” said Heather Granato, WIN president, board member and liaison for the Marcom Committee. “Together, we have the opportunity to inspire positive change across the nutraceutical industry, which will ultimately ensure we deliver great products that support consumers’ health where and how they need them,” she added.

The future looks bright for WIN and all women working in the nutraceuticals industry as we work together to create positive change, and gender equity and parity in this industry we love!

“We’re growing our membership offerings and sponsorship deliverables, while focusing on becoming a more strategic, focused organization,” said Heather Granato. “By year’s end, I expect to see incremental growth in membership, strong programming—everything from webinars and networking events to the mentorship program, and further buy-in from the nutraceutical community around the importance of gender equity to fuel innovation and growth for our industry,” she said.

“From what I’ve learned, WIN is something that has been needed in the natural products industry for a long time,” said Sonja. “When people learn about WIN – the vision (to achieve economic and societal equity to change the global nutraceutical industry) and the mission (to empower women in nutraceuticals to unlock their personal and professional potentials) – they want to get involved and support the effort. That’s been evident in how quickly WIN has grown over such a relatively short period of time, including the appointment of the first global liaison in India, Rajat Shah. This is a global undertaking, and I think that we’ll see more global liaisons for WIN in the future”.

Are you interested in becoming a WIN member and joining the Marcom team?

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Contributor, Julie Dennis

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