Young Scientist Committee Launches!

Young Scientist Committee Launches!

We are excited to announce the launch of the WIN Young Scientist Committee, where curiosity meets innovation! As emerging Young Scientists, we are driven by a passion for discovery and a commitment to shaping our future. 

Empowering young scientists, especially women, in the nutraceutical sector is crucial for driving innovation and addressing global health challenges is our mission.  Are you ready to accelerate your journey toward leadership and success? We are! We envision to provide mentorship, guidance, and opportunities for career development that can make a significant difference in shaping the future of this field.

Who Are We?

The Young Scientist Committee (YSC) is an integral part of the Science Committee. The YSC members take part in the Science Committee’s monthly meetings and initiatives. The YSC is tailored to the needs of a younger audience, fostering connections and supporting them in their growth journey. 

The WIN Young Scientist Committee aims to critically examine the Science Committee content to ensure we are accurately identifying the right early career challenges. We recognize the importance of leveraging insights from individuals in similar situations to refine our approach. Additionally, we are committed to engaging with young scientists by enhancing the visibility and relevance of WIN while fostering membership and inclusivity within our community. 

Moreover, our focus extends to guiding young scientists towards the nutraceutical industry by cultivating a talent magnet to chart the path into nutraceuticals and unleash the potential of emerging scientists for career advancement.

What Do We Do?

Together, we unite to harness fresh perspectives, boundless energy, and a collaborative spirit to tackle challenges and push the boundaries of knowledge. Our efforts are dedicated to elevating women in science, empowering female scientists, and bridging the gender gap in STEM fields. 

We are committed to fostering the next generation of female leaders by cultivating their skills and providing opportunities for growth within the scientific community. Moreover, we prioritize gaining insights into the realities faced by young scientists, identifying contemporary hurdles, and addressing challenges they encounter. 

Additionally, we explore the timing of pursuing a PhD/PostDoc, considering the relevance of these degrees in different geographical contexts, and comparing the traditional PhD/Postdoc pathway to the non-PhD/Postdoc pathway. Last, but not the least, we strive to fill the gap between academia and industry by offering guidance on each path and facilitating connections between the two sectors.

How Do We Reach Our Goals?

With the collaborative spirit of WIN and the WIN Science Committee, we are dedicated to tackling challenges and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. In pursuit of this mission, we aim to “craft a framework for identifying an in-house mentor, or “promotor,” within the scientific community. 

This framework will involve defining the essential qualities and skills necessary for effective mentorship, as well as considering key factors for selecting suitable mentors. Additionally, we will explore strategic approaches for approaching prospective mentors and navigating the dual role they often play as both mentor and sponsor for professional advancement. Furthermore, we will emphasize the importance of recommendations and endorsements as valuable aspects of mentorship, providing guidance and support for emerging scientists in their career journeys.

Embarking on a “Nutraceutical Career Advancement Blueprint” entails aspiring to coveted positions such as VP of Innovation in Corporate or R&D Director in Family Business. To navigate this journey effectively, it’s imperative to identify the essential qualifications and skill sets required for success. Streamlining the path involves discerning priorities from superfluous endeavors, while strategies for accelerating progress are crucial for achieving milestones efficiently. 

Navigating valuable resources and support systems is essential, as is exploring the spectrum of roles in both academic and corporate environments. Identifying stepping-stone positions and considering duration considerations, including minimum and maximum tenures in each role, are pivotal for strategic career planning. Moreover, gaining insights into the academic career path and accessing the industry, as well as devising strategies for bridging the gap and entering the corporate arena, are fundamental components of the blueprint for nutraceutical career advancement.

In strategizing the dissemination of the guideline, a multifaceted approach is essential. This involves utilizing various platforms such as webinars, short videos, and LinkedIn posts to reach a diverse audience effectively. Leveraging the expertise of key stakeholders including the WIN Programming Committee, Marketing Subcommittee, Petra, and WIN Marketing is critical for successful outreach efforts.

By coordinating efforts and pooling resources, we can ensure the widest possible dissemination of the guideline, maximizing its impact and relevance within the scientific community and beyond Networking events play a pivotal role in fostering professional connections and knowledge exchange, particularly for emerging female scientists. Among these events, roundtable discourses stand out as valuable opportunities for discussion and collaboration.

Hosting roundtable discourses specifically tailored to the needs and interests of emerging female scientists provides a platform for them to engage with peers, mentors, and industry professionals. These events facilitate meaningful conversations, idea sharing, and the forging of supportive networks, ultimately empowering female scientists to thrive in their careers and contribute significantly to their fields.

How YSC Can Help Its Members

Our focus is obviously young scientists. The WIN Network is focused on expanding membership, particularly among the younger generation, that will ensure its continued relevance and foster organizational continuity. By attracting a fresh wave of members, we are not only expanding our reach but also infusing new energy and perspectives into the network. 

Crucially, this influx of younger members allows us to cultivate tomorrow’s mentors, nurturing a generation eager to pay forward the support and guidance they receive. This cycle of mentorship and support not only strengthens the network but also empowers individuals to thrive and contribute meaningfully to the scientific community and beyond.

The content curated by the Young Scientist Committee is tailored specifically for our members, focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities faced by young scientists. Through our initiatives, we aim to identify the roadblocks and concerns that young scientists encounter in their career journeys. 

We recognize the importance of defining crucial early acquisitions for career progress and understanding potential pitfalls along the way. Moreover, we prioritize establishing effective feedback channels to ensure continuous improvement and growth. Through our content, we delve into the differentiation between soft skills and hard skills, providing guidance on honing both sets of abilities. 

We also emphasize the importance of finding guidance and support within the company, exploring the potential for a company mentorship program, and defining the ideal mentor based on necessary skills and attributes. Additionally, we help our members discern between a sponsor and a mentor, ensuring clarity in their professional relationships and maximizing their potential for success.

How YSC Benefits Sponsors?

The Young Scientist Committee offers numerous benefits for sponsors, particularly in their efforts to empower young female scientists. By supporting the YSC initiatives, sponsors play a vital role in providing guidance and mentorship to emerging talents, helping them navigate the complexities of their careers. 

Engaging with the YSC also allows sponsors to strengthen their professional networks, connecting with bright minds and potential future leaders in their respective fields. Additionally, sponsoring the YSC initiatives demonstrates a commitment to fostering company loyalty among employees, as it showcases a dedication to investing in their professional development and success.

Furthermore, by supporting the YSC, sponsors contribute to sustaining and cultivating women’s participation in STEM and corporate careers, promoting diversity and inclusivity within their organizations and the broader professional community.

How YSC Benefits Industries?

The Young Scientist Committee offers significant benefits to industries by serving as a platform for attracting talent, fostering a global network, and raising company profiles within WIN’s global community. Firstly, by engaging with the YSC, industries can attract top talent from the pool of young scientists involved in WIN initiatives. 

This talent pipeline enables companies to recruit individuals with fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a strong commitment to advancing their fields. Secondly, the YSC provides access to a global network of young scientists, industry professionals, and thought leaders, facilitating collaborations, partnerships, and knowledge exchange on a global scale. 

Leveraging this network can lead to valuable opportunities for research, development, and business expansion across international markets. Lastly, by supporting YSC initiatives, industries can enhance their company profiles within WIN’s global community, positioning themselves as leaders in their respective fields and demonstrating a commitment to fostering the next generation of talent and innovation. Overall, the YSC serves as a bridge between industries and the emerging talent pool, offering mutual benefits for both parties.

Join the Young Scientist Committee, as we embark on an exhilarating journey of exploration, learning, and growth. 

Together, we’ll pave the way for our ascent toward leadership, success, and meaningful impact in the scientific community. 

Together, “let’s inspire, innovate, and ignite change!”


Denise Cibu [email protected]

Premalatha Balachandran, Ph.D., MBA[email protected]

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