Leslie J. Gallo, Artemis International, Inc. President

We wouldn’t be where we are, award-winning, breaking down barriers and creating positive change, without the support of our esteemed sponsors.

Artemis International was one of the first to say yes to helping us empower women in nutraceuticals to unlock their personal and professional potential.

“I’m proud that Artemis is a founding member and Platinum Level Supporter of the WIN group, a much needed organization focusing on helping to increase the number of women in leadership positions in our industry,” said Leslie J. Gallo, Artemis International, Inc. President.

Artemis was founded by Jan Mills, current Vice President of the WIN board, and has been a woman-led company since day-one. 

Global Leaders: Meet Our Sponsors

Artemis International is a global leader in Berryceuticals®, offering novel ingredients for food, beverage and dietary supplements, including PhytoSolutions for custom product development. 

“For over 25 years, Artemis has hired and promoted women from within to leadership positions. The Artemis team is 80% female, and we are conscious of meeting womens’ needs in order for us all to succeed,” said Leslie.

Leslie J. Gallo, Artemis International, Inc. President

Key focus areas include implementing flexible work schedules for better work-life balance, paid continuing education opportunities, mentoring, and most importantly, listening. “We believe strongly that employee success directly correlates with business success,” she added.

“The good news is, progress has definitely been made. That said, we still have a ways to go. It’s going to take both women and men on the frontline vocalizing what needs to change.” Ascending to middle management is not enough, she added.

“It’s going to take a village to break down the barriers,” she added.

Next Steps: Plans for Progress

If you’re interested in being part of this village, “look closely at the current makeup of your organization and see what or whom you may be missing. Then talk to your people. Ask them to put thought into what they need to be their best and most successful selves at work, and listen carefully to their answers,” said Leslie.

“When good employees feel seen and heard, and you respond to their concerns with concrete plans, they recognize the work you are doing to make things better and more inclusive. You will be amazed at what that does for the company culture and collective productivity,” she said.

If you are like Artemis and you want to be part of the solution, please reach out to WIN for more information: https://womeninnutraceuticals.org/sponsorship/

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