Today we are honored to shine the spotlight on Novozymes OneHealth who we are proud to collaborate with as WIN sponsor and supporter of the Gender Equity Reception at Vitafoods Europe.


WHAT: Gender Equality Networking Event

WHEN: Tuesday, May 9 at 4:30 p.m.

WHERE: Sustainability Resource Centre, E280

During a virtual fireside connector with WIN President Heather Granato, Allie Chandler, Brand Head and B2B Marketing Head, Novozymes OneHealth North America, outlines the brand’s commitment to supporting gender parity across the supply chain in nutraceuticals.

WIN: What is your personal motivation for supporting a drive for Gender Parity in our industry?

Chandler: “According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap report, we will not see gender parity in our lifetime… or in the next 100 years. Having worked in the nutraceuticals industry for 9 years, I have more often than not been the only woman at the table in important business-driving decisions. Gender equity means not only equal pay, representation, opportunity, and treatment, but it means work is done to correct the current and historical inequalities as well. We won’t make any progress if we keep pretending this is no longer an issue faced in our industry and across all industries. We first need to be able to talk about it… then take action!

WIN: What is your experience of Gender Parity, Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace?

Chandler: When I joined Microbiome Labs (now Novozymes OneHealth North America) two years ago, the first leadership I attended was in Scottsdale, Arizona. I looked around the room and finally saw gender representation across department heads for the first time in my nutraceuticals career. According to research presented by Forbes, when gender equity and demographic inclusion are at the forefront of a company’s beliefs (and important: these beliefs are actually implemented in the hiring process, salary consideration, etc.), then 87% of the time, better business decisions are made as compared to 58% of the time with all-male teams. We start to eliminate biases and increase perspective diversity, which according to research, also greatly impacts the bottom line.

WIN: Please share your experience of working with female-led organizations

Chandler: At Novozymes, we have leadership from powerful women: A female CEO (Ester Biaget) and female Executive VP (Amy Byrick), to name just a few. As the Senior Director of Marketing and Events, I had the pleasure of leading a 93% female team, with three female department heads. We worked collaboratively to establish and implement a rebrand of the entire company, taking it from a house of brands to a branded house and changing our messaging platform, strategy, key visuals, website, and more.

WIN: What are the benefits of a growth agenda and focus on gender parity in the workplace?

Chandler: There’s no better feeling than up-skilling and supporting each other as women in our industry, and then stopping to celebrate the huge accomplishments (with escape room team buildings, street taco cooking parties, and a lot of affirmation and trust to move forward together). It’s truly an honor to have that privilege, and I hope other companies in our industry can take note and continue making shifts toward gender equity so we don’t have to wait 100 years to see an impact. Let’s act now.”

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